WWE It Begins

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Whole It Begins Promo is the most talked about thing in professional wrestling right now I’m really excited about this cause wrestling to me is kinda slacking right now but don’t get me wrong I love wrestling and always will 4 life. The It Begins promo could mean anything it could be the return of Chris Jericho and I hope it is I miss him, it could be The undertaker but I think he will return right before wrestlemania, it could be Brock Lesnar since he just retired from the UFC AND I HOPE NOT CAUSE I CAN’T STAND BROCK. Chris Jericho has said he is the best in the world before CM PUNK USED IT I DON’T THINK IT WILL BE BRODUS CLAY CAUSE WHY WOULD HE RETURN HE REALLY HASN’T DONE ANYTHING AND THE PROMO SAYS ITS ABOUT A FORMER WRESTLER AND BRODUS CLAY CAN’T BE A FORMER WRESTLER CAUSE HE NEVER RETIRED HE’S NEVER BEEN RELEASED AND HE’S NEVER HAD A CONTRACT EXPIRED HE’S STILL SIGNED BY THE WWE THAT’S ALL ABOUT THAT, AND WHAT THE DEAL WITH Big Andy when will the tough enough winner make his debut its about damn time he does but who knows he could just be a fluke.


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